11 (i) The Power Availability Certificate (PAC), which is the responsibility of HPSEB Ltd., is issued by the Chief Engineer (Commercial) with the agreement of the Committee. (ii) The PAC is issued after the deposit of serious money and an advance fee, in accordance with the clause of the delivery code and other conditions set out below. (iii) For loads less than or less than 100 kW, the certificate of availability of electricity may be issued at the request of the party concerned, taking into account all the terms and conditions set out in clause 3.2 of the 2009 Supply Code, but in such cases, no account shall be taken of the fact that, in such cases, the filing of PAC with the application form and the contractual form is not necessary. iv) For loads of more than 1000 kW, no HEAT pump may be released for loads with a voltage of less than 33 kV and without the provision of an independent feeder with a control substation and protection and oscillation/blind compensation filters necessary for the end of the consumer. The release of the load at the arc furnaces is totally prohibited in accordance with the prevailing tariff. In addition, no new projects or extensions of existing units are allowed in any form with induction/arc/submarine rainbow furnaces, in line with the current policy of the Government of Himachal Pradesh, which is currently under review. However, for rolling mills and processes that consume less than 1 MW of electricity, it will be allowed to be built according to the benefits of the business and in accordance with the policy of the government of H.P. (v) The release of the electrical connection by provision of Solid Tap is prohibited. The consumer must ensure that the exit point of the tea is properly fixed as shown below: – i) LT Supply Linked Switch with fuse(s) or circuit breaker (ii) Up to 1000kW (HT) Connection switch with fuse(s) or circuit breaker (iii) More than 1000kW (HT) Circuit breaker EHT 4.5 HpSEB Ltd. the certificate of electricity availability is renewed with a delay of forty-five days (45) from receipt of the request or a certificate of availability of electricity approved by the Commission: n give a time limit. 11 15 Director (technical) of processing plants 5. All loads/developers registered with HIMUDA 33kV or 66kV or 132kV or 220kV Note: in case of load extension, the above limit values apply to the total load, i.e.

the sanctioned load and additional load. The competent authorities sanctioning this load in such cases shall be the same as for the entire connecting load after inclusion of the additional load indicated above. .

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