Do you have examples of service plans and service contracts for internal audit departments? Rothstein Catalog on Disaster Recovery A comprehensive resource for news, articles, and books on disaster recovery, service level agreements, and management consulting. Since I am not familiar with service level agreements or SLAs for internal audit, I asked him for an explanation. Here is his answer: as part of the introduction of a new "culture" in our organizations, we prepare business and service plans. As internal audit offers a "service" to the company, the service contract exists between us and our main customers/customers. It`s a kind of "contract" of what we`re going to do. The service plan is a general overview of the department as a whole. It can contain SWOT analysis, balanced scorecard, KPIs, etc. The plan is like a brochure or a "CV" of the department. The Deputy Senior Minister, Operations should implement a process for tracking and following up on customer issues to enable a quick resolution, clearly defining resolution procedures and action plans and to ensure continuous improvement in the management of the service level agreement. We call our process a partnership agreement between the audit and the companies we review. Similarly, the functions that provide an audit service, i.e. IT, have a partnership contract with us. The appendix is the template we use.

For the sake of brevity, selected area managers will meet with the auditor and discuss their perception of our SWOT and their core audit expectations. The group agrees on 5 expectations that they will evaluate to us later this year. If expectations imply greater audit coverage, this group understands that additional staff leads to an increase in the cost of common resources. All parties sign the agreement. Scoring is a small factor in my annual bonus. What is gained from this process is the open dialogue on review expectations. I hope it is a help. As shown below, SLAs are used between a department and its main customers/customers. As an internal audit, our main client is the Audit Committee. We make available to the audit committee in advance a plan identifying areas of risk and our audit plan in these areas. We will be updating later this year.

Our ICPs are measured in different ways, first, the number of results per audit unit (i.e. the number of audit reports issued), the number of problems by sector of activity and by degree of severity (type 1, type 2, etc.), a summary of audits requiring improvements or unsatisfactory evaluations, and we have a value-added survey completed by the head of the units we have audited, that we added to them. The last point is something we`ve compiled, where we list what we think is the added value, and we give them an estimate of what it would have cost them to have the service from the outside (basically, we take $100 an hour) and then they rank us 1-4 based on the strength they agree with or disagree with, that we have provided so much value. Shared Services Canada (SSC) was founded in August 2011. . . .

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