Please note that this applies in addition to the current return-to-sport guidelines surrounding the COVID-19 protocol. Any changes or other details will be published to the Provincial Health Agency. 4) The laundry rooms, the clubhouse and the bridge remain closed and outside the borders. Please make other arrangements for off-site facilities. CapriCMW Insurance is the official insurance provider of Horse Council BC. All HCBC members will automatically receive the following coverage: Disclaimer: The insurance coverage included in your HCBC membership and/or available as an option is provided by CapriCMW Insurance Services Ltd. HCBC is not authorized to sell or advise the insurance coverage. If you have any questions about coverage, restrictions or exclusions, please contact CapriCMW Insurance directly at 1-800-670-1877 (Equine Section). The Vernon District Riding Club is open to everyone they can join. We believe that good horses come from a variety of backgrounds and diversity keeps the club fresh and healthy! Get your VDRC 2020 membership and waiver here Early booking subscriptions are only available until March 31, 2020. Your VDRC membership helps us continually improve the facility, offer clinics, show off shows, and ensure there is always a place for equestrian sports in the Okanagan Valley.

The member area of our website contains minutes of meetings and other elements that are only assigned to members. On this page, members will find a list of available voluntary tasks, a "Honey Do" list. Whenever possible, it will include activities that you can perform as you wish. Membership allows you to use the equestrian circles from April to November as well as discounts on club activities and from participating local businesses. Visit the Friends of the VDRC section to save a big money with local businesses. Live more. [Read more…] Equine insurance can also protect the financial investment you have put into your horses. If your horse has been injured or becomes ill, coverage is available to help with unexpected medical expenses that may be incurred. The options are many, veterinary bills, medications, X-rays and MRIs, additional expenses, loss of use, to name a few. Example 2. The horse hits a car or takes refuge on a neighbor`s land and causes property damage transport insurance for non-property horses Extended / Secondary liability / emergency for the care of non-possession horses Do you have a question about members` liability insurance? The directive applies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all over the world. So if you board somewhere else, keep your horse at home or take a walk down the street or on the way, you, THE MEMBER, are covered.

Please respect the following conditions and exclusions with regard to the included AD&D coverage: Westland`s equestrian insurance package protects not only your horses, but also all the equipment necessary for the health, maintenance and protection of these animals. These include saddle, stables, stables, machinery, hay and food, as well as all other equipment connected to your horses. $5,000,000 from shameful personal liability insurance that protects you, the member, if you, the member, are sued by a third party because a horse you own or use, causes property damage or bodily injury to a third party. Example 1. The horse hits or bites someone who causes aggression Example 3. "Someone else" is holding your horse and the horse is causing property damage or injury to a third party…

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