GM said in a statement that the deal reflects its commitment to U.S. manufacturing: "We encourage the UAW to go through the ratification process as quickly as possible so that we can resume operations and re-produce vehicles for our customers," the company said. During the October 17 meeting, the Council will decide whether to maintain the strike until the ratification is complete or suspend the strike at the time the Council approves the agreement," the union said. The shutdown began 32 days ago — the longest nationwide strike since 1970 against the Detroit automaker, which cost the company about $2 billion and hit hundreds of millions in wages for workers. The UAW said it wanted the total number of votes from local unions on the provisional agreement by Oct.m 4. First, the interim agreement provides for billions in new domestic investment. GM will invest an additional $7.7 billion in unionized DAW plants. That figure could reach $9 billion if the union gets the right to represent employees at a planned battery plant in Lordstown, Ohio. The $7.7 billion is expected to create or maintain about 9,000 UAW jobs.

Once the base salary increases are paid, the higher production remuneration for eligible permanent employees would reach 32.32 $US by the end of the four-year contract. In the meantime, all seniors recruited before the date of entry into force of the agreement in 2019 would be entitled to a high-level remuneration until the end of the four years of contract, which halves the current window of opportunity. The proposed agreement provides a retirement bonus of up to $85,000 for employees affected by the closures in Baltimore, Lordstown and Warren. The company also offers a buy-out of up to $75,000 and training support of up to $8,400. "I hope they publish the white paper that contains the whole language. It`s the full contract with the changes made and everything that`s been added," said Dave Green, former president of UAW Local 1112 in Lordstown, Ohio, an assembly plant that was shut down earlier this year. I have been with GM for many years. The (contractual) highlights are great, but I also want to know about lowlights, so I have to go through the white paper before making a decision. And with respect to discipline, according to the agreement, the company will maintain paragraph 64 of the 2015 Salaried Master Agreement, which states that "management will not take into account previous violations that occurred more than two (2) years earlier. The union is now sending the agreement to the members to vote on it. The strike continues as long as the vote is in progress.

The vote will take place from Saturday to Friday 25 October. After more than six hours of meeting, some 200 union officials voted to send more than 48,000 UAW-GM employees to the deal promising permanent jobs for temporary workers, record ratification bonuses and the removal of a profit-benefit cap. Among the details of the deal are: a way for full-time temporary agency workers to become permanent, a ratification bonus of US$11,000, no changes in health care and wage increases. According to a UAW spokesman, the UAW reached an interim agreement with the Pennsylvania-based company on Wednesday. Details were not immediately available. More than 3,600 UAW members employed by Mack Trucks left work Sunday over issues such as wage increases, job security, wage advancement, and health and safety. A four-year interim contract with striking General Motors offers workers a mix of wage increases, lump sum payments and an 11,000-$US signing bonus. Full details of the agreement will only be published when the union leadership approves the pact and sends the treaty to membership for ratification. However, a source briefed on the deal informed Barron of some of the things approved by General Motors (Ticker: GM) and the UAW.

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