Welcome to DTC Self Storage (the "Website"). This website is made available exclusively to help customers collect information about self-storage, determine the availability of self-storage units, related goods and services, make legitimate reservations or other transactions with self-storage providers and for no other purpose. The terms "we", "us", "our" and "DTC Self Storage" refer to "www.dtcselfstorage.com" and/or our affiliates. The term "you" means the customer who books the website, mobile website and/or self-storage bookings through us on this website, by telephone and/or through our agents. The settlement services offered by the CTD are aimed at reducing costs and risks and improving market efficiency. At the end of each day, the DTC provides net settlement obligations for trading in equity, debt and money market instruments. The DTC also offers asset services as well as a number of services. An entry-only edition (BEO) is a program in which the show is registered in the nominated name of CDS (CDS & Co.) in the issuer`s registry and filed with CDS for the duration of the issue. Physical allowances are not available to economic shareholders for BEO emissions. Issuers must enter into a BEO Securities Services Agreement and a BEO confirmation to inform CDS of the securities eligible for CDS`s BEO services. The BEO Securities Services Agreement, along with the issuer procedures, sets out the rules under which CDS holds securities in its nominee name and ensures that the rights are distributed to participants on the day of payment. .

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