On the head-bobbin`-Beat produced by Eminem and Dot Da Genius, you will find the two artists who take the time lyrically to unravel their personal stories. Eminem-like, the Detroit Emcee takes one or two taunts at certain celebrity characters, so watch "The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady" and drop your thoughts in the comments. Eminem then goes with an expanded verse. "So, if it`s God you believe in (yes) /Bob your head and nod your head by mutual agreement (yes) /You say time is undefeated/I`m the first to be able to beat them (yes)," he begins. So if it`s God you believe in (yes) Bob your head and nods by mutual agreement (yes) They say time is undefeatedI`m the first to be able to beat it (yes)I`ve had dreams of maturation, now I shoot three (what?) I have a lil`green (yes), but I don`t do weed (Nope) Purp or lean (no), it`s Tunechi (yes) It`s New Orleans (yes), f*ck Drew Brees (yes) The song comes just two days after Cudder`s daughter, Vada, announced the track on social media. The record also comes two months after the Kid Cudi Man on the Moon: The End of Day Rapper asked Em for help in a tweet and wrote: "@Eminem Rap God. Help! I hope they make an attached album or at least an EP, because the name of the song could definitely work on a collab joint, just like Kids See Ghosts. Because he`s the two gods and he`s often called the rap God and raps that he`s in a lot of his songs, I`m pretty sure he`s in this one too. Encontrou algum erro na letra ? Por favor, envie uma correção > The transition has been so smooth and the Ems River is impeccable "All these children, I am a father.

I am a god to you. Eminem never responded publicly to Cudi, but it`s clear they were in talks after the Cleveland native posted his tweet. "The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady" is the first song the two rappers released together. Benefit cover of "Times Like These" dos Foo Fighters chega ao topo da parada britânica Hold up I will try to understand the line as if he does not speak of himself as God This song will be fire. Cudi gon kills him and Eminem will go to GOAT status, as he always does. Two hip-hop force packs came together to provide a single of epic magnitude. Earlier this week, it was announced that Kid Cudi and Eminem are releasing their brand new joint single "The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady". The track is followed by the solemn publications of the two artists, including Em`s Music to Be Murdered By and Cudi`s latest tracks, "Leader of the Delinquents" and "The Scotts" with Travis Scott. Shady even casts a bit of a shadow over New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees raps: "I don`t do Weed (Nope)/Purp, or Lean (no), it`s Tunechi (yes)/That`s New Orleans (yes), fuck Drew Brees (yes)." On Friday, July 10, Kid Cudi and Eminem released their album "The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady". "The Scotts", parceria de Travis Scott e Kid Cudi, estreia direto no topo da parada dos EUA !. . Watch 25 hip-hop albums you`ve never told your parents you heard as kids Check out "The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady" by Kid Cudi and Eminem below.

. Watch Kid Cudi and Eminems "The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady" below. So listen to me, I can reach, but I`m really stoned when I see some reactions to the song on Youtube. Every time Em comes, people already nod to the rhythm, while he says that lol maybe this line, his name is God? I think I liked the song, even though we had Cudi and Travis Track in 2020, and we have Cudi and Em Track.

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