A: Honestly, I have very few complaints. But if I had to pick one, I`d like advisors not to have to pay for shipping. It`s only $6.95, but as a member, you`ll get free shipping over $100 and it makes sense to me that consultants would get the same benefit. I don`t like his mascara either. I mentioned that the minimum beauty requirements gave me a break when I first thought about becoming a consultant. But that wasn`t my only concern. Here are some of the other reasons why I hesitated to join Beautycounter, and ultimately why I realized I was wrong: the products you sell are of high quality and great value. Over time, you can move from advisor to mentor and scale. Focus on team building and growth as a leader and success will follow. There are only three conditions to become a beautycounter consultant.

You must be at least 18 years old, live in the United States or Canada, and pay a $98 registration fee. But that doesn`t change the fact that it`s a matter of being a beauty consultant – it only encourages the incredible opportunity, and I think women need to stop apologizing for doing what they can to strengthen themselves and their families. The next step is manager. To reach this level, you will need 250 QV, 2500 BV and 250 NV that you will receive from new consultants and clients. As a manager, you are paid 9% for your personal sponsorship, which is level 1, 7% and 5% at level 2 and 3 respectively. A: All you need to do is pay $98 (which is tax deductible) to become an advisor. Why is there a tax? This tax covers your own custom beautycounter site and offers you hundreds of marketing materials, resources, and really helpful customer support. Not at all! Most of the consultants on my team only have a few hundred subscribers. I even released social media for a month this summer and always had great sales because I had created the foundation to support my business in another way.

I`m super excited to come into the cleansing milk @beautycounter and it didn`t disappoint🎉 It removes makeup and impurities without damaging your skin. The packaging formula makes my skin pout SOOO!! ✨WER WANTS TO REPEAT✨#BETTERBEAUTY PIC.TWITTER.COM/WNBIS6NNVZ But understand this: If you`ll need to consult, you`ll actually get two FREE hero products: For now, it`s the Overnight Resurfacing Peel ($45 value) and a Lipstick sheer ($32 value). . . .

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