HMRC had previously limited the date of longstop to a maximum of 12 months after the ASA agreement – whether it were to be used for SEIS or EIS investment purposes. However, new updates have been released from February 2020. I have provided below with a brief summary of what the ASA is and its pros, disadvantages and usual terms. To learn more about convertible bonds, please read my previous blog here. An ASA works in such a way that the shares that an investor had paid in advance are issued when a given event occurs in accordance with the ASA. This is usually the conclusion of a subsequent investment in the company, to which the shares for which the investor has paid in advance are allocated at an updated rate indicated in the agreement. There will also be a long-standing stop in the agreement in which the company is not expected to receive an investment before that date, the shares will be awarded to the "Long Stop Price", which is a fixed price agreed between the parties before the conclusion of the ASA. But it will be more than the price the investor would have received if the company had received investments. The last "event" in which shares are awarded is insolvency. Shares can also be attributed to the Long Stop Price. So what are the benefits? Using an ASA is often faster than a share price cycle, mainly because there are fewer documents involved, which means less design and trading time. This can be important for your business, as it can have a significant difference between when the money that comes from the investment ends up in the company`s account. In addition, reducing documentation and standardizing these documents means that using an ASA is generally less costly.

In addition, the issue of business valuation is delayed until the next investment cycle, while ensuring that this valuation is capped. Although the valuation of the company does not necessarily have to be negotiated when asS is formed, consideration should be given to the price per share that the ASA should convert on the date of Longstop (provided it has not converted as part of a share or share sale). Since ASAs are always converted into shares, an ASA should always have a "long-stop" date when the ASA is converted to shares, when there has been no equity or sale cycle.

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