Self-protection is a revolutionaryWe are attentive and willing, as we take care of ourselves and each other. By prioritizing our own needs, we can better show ourselves to each other and our community. We must also build a culture of collective care practices that reflect our needs and the needs of everyone. Self-protection is no excuse for neglecting or separating. Honesty and TransparencyAll team members agree to be transparent with their team and constituents on all issues related to collective work. We believe that honesty, while difficult, is at the heart of building a radical and loving community. We agree with the creation of an organizational culture that respects honesty, even if it leads the BLUU to break out difficult truths – and reorganize accordingly. If the proposed construction requires not to fit into our criteria or if the inspector has doubts about the proposals, they will cause us to degenerate so that we can speak directly to the developer to give advice and agree on the next steps. We agree with the following basic agreements and protocols, which are to dismantle white supremacy – and other oppressions – and to help our communities prosper and not just survive. We know that leadership is a gift and a privilege. Many of us come from communities where we have suffered serious damage and we have harmed ourselves through broken agreements; BLUU is working to create a new path to liberation.

We understand that the violation of these agreements or protocols could jeopardize our leadership positions in this work and perhaps our relationships. We are also committed to providing thoughtful feedback that encourages mutual responsibility and accountability. We are committed to using tools (such as group evaluations and self-reflections) that we know contribute to increased transparency and accountability. We strive to bring excellence to all parts of our work, including logistics and details. However, we do not appreciate the details of the content and relationships. We are simply asking that people be aware of what they can and cannot offer: we try not to judge or criticize people`s "commitment" or capacity. We are not machines and we do not build "products."

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