This is the most important part of a student loan that it maintains and rem pays. If you are a full-time student, you do not have to pay credit during your studies. Part-time students have to pay interest, but they do not have to pay the principal back while they go to school. However, both types of students are required, in accordance with their loan agreement, to attend school and maintain a good academic reputation. If you drop out of your course load, stop taking your course or opt out, it will affect your student loan and you will no longer receive financial assistance. To obtain the BC Student Loan, you must go to the Canada Post branch to confirm your identity and submit the loan contract for processing. You must also ensure that StudentAid BC has confirmation of your enrolment in a post-secondary institution. Your BC Student Loan will be deposited directly into your bank account. With Canada Student Loan, the process is almost the same. With the agreement, you will also receive your certificate of authorization. The money is also deposited directly into your bank account. Ashton College is designed by the government to support students at the federal and provincial levels. This designation ensures that Ashton meets the standards of integrity and competence in education set by the government.

As described in StudentAid BC`s policy manual, designated schools are expected to focus on your success and ensure that you improve your overall employability. With permission, you will also receive legal documents explaining the terms of the loan. It is important to understand all the details of the binding legal agreement you enter into with the federal and regional government when you receive the loan. The student credit contract with the BC government will only be sent to you at the first credit application and will remain in effect for all subsequent provincial government loans. The agreement with Canada Student Loan will be sent to you each time you are approved by the federal government for the loan. For more information on student loans, please visit the official StudentAid BC website: you can get public assistance – including student loans and scholarships – to cover much of your Training Costs at CAPU. They must be enrolled in an eligible program. Full-time and part-time students can qualify. (Intergovernmental Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance, April 2003 [updated in February 2008]) If you live in bc, you apply via StudentAid BC.

If you apply, you will be assessed for both BC (province) and Canada (federal government) loans, scholarships and scholarships. Courses that are a re-reading/duplicate of courses for which you have previously received a credit cannot be charged on the minimum education space charge required for student loan financing and interest-free status. Full-time and part-time students can use the StudentAid BC online application system to apply for financial assistance. You can also complete an application on paper through StudentAid BC or your Student Financial Aid Office. You can check the status of your credit application online 24/7. Loan applications are normally processed by StudentAid BC within six weeks. Once your application has been processed, you will receive an assessment notice indicating whether or not you have been approved for financial assistance. If you have been approved, you will be informed of the type of funding available, how much you receive, when and where they are sent.

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