Our EA agreement currently includes Cisco Meraki, Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), Cisco Umbrella for Security and Cisco Duo for Multi-Factor Authentication, all run on the BT network. We have now fully supplied Cisco AnyConnect or Meraki to each of our home users. AnyConnect allows every user to securely access the company`s network from any device, anytime, anywhere. You don`t know what you don`t know. I never thought that an enterprise agreement (EA) would fit my organization well until the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The need for new licenses and tools – quickly – has shown me how important AAs are to an organization`s technological capacity. Thanks to our technology team`s response to Webhelp`s COVID challenges, the Webhelp Board has gained a new perspective on computing. There is always a boost in IT to minimize costs, and this is especially true for the OPL market. However, Covid has shown our Board of Directors that investments in technology can help move our business forward. Nevertheless, we had to be smart with our approach.

The best way to pursue tactical investments was an Enterprise Agreement (EA). Strange as it may seem in these circumstances, we need this space to grow. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have had a positive demand for our services and we have been able to use EA to make this growth rapid and painless. We currently have a great commitment in South Africa with a system integrator there to help us quickly bring Cisco Umbrella and Cisco ISE back to life. South Africa is a booming market for us and we need to keep up with this sales demand. Where can I submit your application? Apply online via the current vacancy notice link. We have a diversity and inclusion plan to ensure that we continue to focus on the benefits of diversity for our organization. Curriculum vitae with your qualifications, licenses, work history, skills, training and referees.

Your work path should contain a brief summary of the positions taken in hand, the responsibilities and responsibilities of each position and all the successes that may be relevant to your application. It is normal to provide photocopies of your relevant qualifications and licenses. The Cisco Secure Remote Worker solution is part of the Cisco SecureX platform, developed for today`s and tomorrow`s security requirements. Start. Unfortunately, COVID-19 made it impossible to work from physical sites. We were forced into a scenario where we either had to change the way we work quickly or stop doing business completely. If we chose this last point, our customers would suffer and their customers would suffer. And if our own employees could not work, we would see 10,000 people unemployed in the UK region. Southern Rural Water is a great place to work.

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