A food supply agreement does not necessarily deprive an occupant of the exclusive property, unless the food is put in the room so that the tenant loses his or her exclusive property. All doors in university homes are certified fire doors and should be treated as such. Your participation in all incidents related to the misuse of fire detectors and fire equipment will be the result in the date of this agreement and will be included in their former inclusion of the university managed accommodation. They are charged for equipment repairs and all costs related to participating in firefighters and emergency services. The main cases where there will be a licence instead of a rental contract are: if your residence permit includes telephony and Internet services, access to the Internet and telephone networks is subject to the general conditions of the provider of your accommodation, the Directive on Fair Use and the Information Technology Directive of the university , which exist to protect the well-being of all users. In the event that the network manager detects network abuse, the provider may take steps to exclude residents from the service and disciplinary action may be taken (through the university). You should familiarize yourself with emergency escape routes in your home, including alternative routes if a regular route is blocked or inaccessible. Each semester, at least one official extinguishment exercise is held. The Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service requires residents and all customers to evacuate the building and, in the event of a fire or fire alarm, must be installed within three minutes at the indicated fire collection centre. If a student fails to evacuate the building within three minutes of the evacuation of the fire alarm (planned or unforeseen), a $60.00 fee may be charged. If you accept your university, you are subject to a legally binding contract with Staffordshire University. This is called a hosting license agreement.

If you do not pay for the accommodation, you will receive a written termination notice and an email to your university email account. 28 days` notice is granted and you must leave the university-run accommodation (including the removal of personal exposures). If the hosting fee is not paid on the due date, Internet services are immediately withdrawn. In this case, the cost of revoking Internet services will be passed on to you. If you left the university managed as a result of a closure notice, you are not entitled to another access to University Managed Accommodation. The main situations in which there will be no exclusive ownership are housing: (i) If you withdraw your university prize (as recognized by students and academic services according to university regulations) within two weeks of the start date of this degree or if you withdraw it from your university award. If the university terminates this contract because you are in violation of your obligations under this agreement or the university`s provisions, you will be responsible for paying the accommodation fee until the end of the licence term during which you receive a notice of termination. The Dean of Debt is informed of the outcome of a disciplinary hearing. HostelsHostel accommodation is often rented under a (real) license agreement because of the special rules that may apply. These rules may infringe the liberty of the occupants to such an extent that they do not have sole ownership of part of their dwelling.

If you live in one of the university residences, you are part of a community of residents for the academic year. Like any other community, it depends on the fact that each member contributes in part to ensuring its safe and efficient operation and maintaining a level of cleanliness, which will make accommodation a pleasant place to live.

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