Students can use the transfer admission planner to enter their course work (completed and planned) from the beginning of their academic career to any time they decide to move to a UC campus. The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) has developed a campus-wide assessment process that records the authorized transfer equivalents of the Non-California Community College (CCC) into the Student Information System (Bannières) for use in the completion exams and the necessary checks during registration. For students moving from another UC campus to the GE Convention (Reciendity): Please note that transfer decisions for non-California Community courses (CCCs) contained in the transfer equivalency report should not be confused with the CCC articulation agreements that the President`s office negotiates with all CCC decisions as extended systemic decisions. Transfer equivalency (ER) decisions are decisions made by faculty experts in the field of study. These decisions allow students to use other college and university courses such as equivalent courses for UCD graduation. Are you planning to move to UC Davis and Engineering University? You could complete your bachelor`s degree in a rigorous program, which is one of the best engineering schools in the country, as part of a friendly and forward-looking university community. Until the end of the spring semester prior to the transfer, four courses are completed in at least two of the following disciplines: If you go to a college other than a California community college, you can determine which courses can be transferred to the UC by comparing your college`s course descriptions to courses similar to UC Davis or at another UC campus. If the descriptions match, the course work is most likely transferable to the UC. After you apply to UC Davis, our admissions advisors will analyze your transcripts to arrive at a final definition of transferable courses. UC TAP helps you follow the course work needed to move from every Community College to a UC campus. The UC TAP is also your application for a guarantee transfer (TAG) on each participating UC campus. As soon as you are ready to submit your UC application, UC TAP imports most of your information! UC TAP is a free online tool that allows future UC students to follow and plan their course work. TOP is a consulting program that brings a UC Davis Underergrade Admissions consultant to some California Community campuses to help you plan your career and transfer.

Your UC Davis TOP coordinator is on hand to meet one for one, discuss your career goals and advise you on preparing for the transfer to a four-year university. Complete all remaining course and AMP requirements, as described in the TAG agreement. International students applying to transfer from California colleges or universities to UC Davis are considered eligible for admission on the same admission criteria as national students.

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