So what is the impact of purchase and sale contracts and key man insurance on the situation when shareholders are trusts? The agreement must have conditions similar to those made by people in an arm-length store. The final test of Section 2703 can generally be satisfied if the agreement could have been reached as part of a fair agreement between independent parties or if the restrictions are consistent with the usual business practice. One of the problems in analyzing this test is that most sales contracts are negotiated to deal with unique facts and circumstances and are not public documents. The next task in structuring a buyback agreement is to define the events that trigger the sale of the stock. If you have an insurance policy, there may be a difference between the amount paid by the policy and the amount to be paid for the owner`s share of the business. The repurchase agreement can describe what happens in this situation, especially if the amount of the insurance payment is less than the value of the shares. This will help avoid potential conflicts or financial burdens in the future. Under Section 2703, repurchase agreements for evaluation purposes are not taken into account unless all of the following requirements are met. An important point in the application of the section 2703 reviews is that an agreement is considered to be the three tests where there are persons who are not members of the transferor`s family and where non-families own more than 50% of the value of the subject`s estate. The situation is simply under the SARS Directive of 27/05/2007, where the two shareholders are trusts, the exception will not apply simply because the trustees on the life of the life of politics are not the shareholders themselves who are trusts. It is important to note that one is NOT obliged to accept the purchase and sale in all cases and one can have it asked for death and disability, but not divorce… or any other combination. We recommend that it be used in as many circumstances as possible.

Since the prohibition on the transfer of shares for life cannot be considered appropriate, shareholder agreements must find a narrow line between maintaining control of the owner of the shares and not charging the right of shareholders to sell shares. The most common mechanism for achieving the right balance is to give the company and/or non-ceding shareholders the right to acquire shares of a shareholder yielding at the price that a third party is willing to pay. If the rental of the value of the stock is important for the property tax, the price of the shares offered to the company and/or non-ceding shareholders should be the price of (1) at the cheap price of the third party or (2) of the applicable price in the event of the death of the surrendered shareholder. A well-developed purchase and sale contract is one of the most valuable instruments a company can have to protect its value in the event of death, disability or divorce that affects one or more owners, and may also offer important business savings methods to deal with the voluntary sale of shares and the bankruptcy of a shareholder. In the absence of such an agreement, each of the events described above may even destroy a healthy business or force owners to work with foreigners who have no expertise in their business. Such an agreement not only protects business, but the family of a deceased shareholder is properly compensated for the ownership shares of his beloved, without emptying the company of the necessary reserves. Book value. The book value attributes the total capital to the allocation of the stock of shares in accordance with the balance sheet of the entity of the stock to be evaluated.

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