The (current date here) I transfer (seller`s name here) ownership of my vehicle (year, make the model) (buyer`s name here). VIN this vehicle is (number). Even if the process of transferring ownership of the vehicle is tedious and time consuming, it is always advisable to do so during a sale. As a result of the respective benefits of Part A and Part B in the production and marketing of products, all parties reached the following agreement to better cooperate, improve cooperation and efficiency and improve market competitiveness. All parties should respect the agreement in the context of future cooperation. The seller has a valid Kansas negotiable ownership certificate or a manufacturer`s original declaration/certificate of origin for the vehicle mentioned in this appendix and certifies that the same vehicle has been sold to the person or persons designated as a purchaser. This title certificate or the manufacturer`s declaration of origin or certificate of origin is either in the seller`s name or duly assigned to the seller (only if the seller is an authorized Kansas distributor) and is held by the seller if the transfer is made by the certificate of ownership. The particular vehicle and licence number must all be clearly stated in the loan agreement. A car transfer fee can start from Rs 300 and go up to Rs 2,000 or more. Note that you must request the transfer of ownership in favor of the buyer. This process also includes a few offline steps. All offences committed by a buyer will also be cleared of you if the property has not been transferred. You will be unnecessarily dragged into legal force if you have not transferred your vehicle.

The seller must have all the legal capacity to sell the items sold. The buyer should require documents with proof of ownership. If the seller cannot provide such documents, the buyer should reconsider the purchase to prevent stolen products from being accidentally purchased. CONSIDERING that Part A, Shaanxi Aoda Property Co., Ltd. has the right to use the land in Building 17, including the building itself and its culture, located in the Beilin Industrial Park, Huoju Road, Gaoxin District, Xi`an, which are exempt from mortgages, pawn and challenge rights and may be freely transferred; Part A is ready to be transferred. Party B, Xi`an Kingtone Information Technology Co., Ltd., a hi-tech limited company that is primarily active in the research and development of wireless video software and hardware, is ready to acquire the rights to use the building, the building itself and its culture, in accordance with the development of Part B. Then the buyer has to pay the property transfer fee to the new RTO. It is provided with two supporting documents that must be attached with the following documents – Correct documentation is extremely important in almost every aspect of our life, even if you want to buy or sell a car. If you are a buyer, always make sure you receive your purchase and order proof after payment. If one of the parties wishes to amend the agreement in the future, both parties should give their consent and the initial agreement and the amendments should be recorded in writing and signed by both parties.

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